Microblading is a form of semi permanent make-up that creates natural, realistic hair strokes in the eyebrows. Perfect for people who want to fill in sparse, thinning eyebrows. This procedure is known as semi permanent because the microblade only penetrates the top layer of skin therefor it fades faster then your typical tattoo would. Microblading lasts between six months to two years depending on your personal fading and how dark you like them to be.

I use non abrasive hard wax that only adheres to hair. I've been waxing over 10 years. I love waxing and i strive to make it as quick and painless as possible.

Permanent make up is a cosmetic technique which employs pigmentation into the dermis of the skin. Most designs resemble make up, others to hide scars or enhance colors. 

My skin care services consist of quick glow peels & masks. After evaluating your skin i will determine the chemical peel needed & the series necessary to get your skin glowing. They take 30 minutes and will reduce fine lines, wrinkles & regenerate stem cell reproduction. The lip masks are an add on service that moistens and plumps using hylaronic acid plum masks.


Alyssa knows her stuff! So professional and polished. I felt very comfortable and her care was excellent. Already booked my returning appointment!


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