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Norman Office:

Mon – Wed & Fri : 9am - 3pm

Edmond Office
Thurs - 9am -3pm

Sat - Sun: Closed

You can schedule your appointment by phone, in person or online here!

I like to explain it as an annoying scrape however it is only uncomfortable for 6-10 minutes. After the outline is finished I add additional topical numbing cream and let set for 5 minutes.


7-10 days you will be completely healed. Microblading only penetrates the very top layer of skin. You must keep moist with Aquaphore healing ointment the first week. The more hydrated the area is the less likely you are to peel, scab, or lose any pigment. You must avoid getting the area wet or avoid vigorous activity for 48-72 hours to prevent losing pigment.

I evaluate each clients skin tone, natural brow color, root color & my intuition. Occasionally I will do multiple pigments for a more natural look and to neutralize fading.

90 min.

​Yes. 15%-20% after your initial procedure. This is why it’s a two step process. When you come back for your follow up i will evaluate your fading. As mentioned earlier the more hydrated you keep the area the better your ending result will be and it’s far less likely for you to lose pigment. At your follow up procedure we go over each stroke perfecting the pigment. Any area that may have lost pigment we will touch up. It’s only the top layer of skin therefore there the sun, anti-aging products and treatments, exfoliants, tanning, certain skin types can all cause them to fade. I recommend chapstick sunscreens to all my clients to minimize fading and always stay hydrated.

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